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I really, really wanted to like this one. James Burke has one of the most incredible minds on the planet and I have been meaning to pick up one of his books years, specifically The Axemakers Gift because the concept intrigued me so much: how has the development of technology effected our development as a species, and are we capable of recognizing negative consequences in time to stop them?The first ninety pages of The Axemakers Gift were fast and fascinating. It talks about the cycles of nature and the place of our evolutionary ancestors in it. He then describes the unusual conditions that led to us descending from the trees, the changes we underwent as a result, and the earliest known tools and creations we forged to cope. He builds on those simple technologies and shows how they led to humanity finally settling down in one spot and how we created laws, numbers, and a written language. I was hooked.And then we reached Ancient Greece. And then Ancient Rome. Then the Middle Ages and the rise of the Church. The the Renaissance. Then the Victorians. Now, perhaps its because I know more about these time periods than I do about the far flung past, but I began to notice that each chapter was exactly the same as the one before it. We move from technology to technology, never bothering to explain or deconstruct what we see. We created A. This had the effect of B. It led to the creation of C. C effected D, so we created E. It was like the catalog of ships in The Iliad: name after name and place after place, with only the barest nuggets of interesting fact showing up from time to time. It was interminable.Finally, in the last two chapters, Burke ends his litany and begins to talk about what it all means. I cant tell you what he had to say because I wasnt really paying attention--by this point, I was simply determined to get to the last page. Theres a really interesting concept at the heart of The Axemakers Gift and Burke has spoken interestingly and succinctly about it in his wonderful Connections series on PBS, but this us just a frontloaded slog. What a shame.

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